karin šrubařová

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Ornithology Station, 2018, Video, 7 min, 34 sec

in collaboration with Nikola Brabcová for group exhibition “God’s Work” in TIC gallery in Brno

An ornithology station is a space of regular stops and observations, a succession of shots emitted through sound and visual communication channels. The natural is mediated through an aesthetical and technical code, we are standing at the end of a line, behind the doors of reality. The look on a light board through a foreign eye slowly helps us remember. / Director, editor, sound: Nikola Brabcová a Karin Šrubařová, DOP: Jan Studecký, Sound postproduction: 2046 / Interview with Jan Studecký and quotes from ,,The image” by Jacques Aumont loosely retold by Anita Krausová.